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I am just starting out, how can I join?

Actors" Exchange is open to EVERYONE with varying levels of experience and who are serious about this industry.

I am a working actor with years of experience, what is in it for me?

Your network is as important as your craft. You've already proven yourself to be talented by being as involved in the industry as you have, keeping yourself out there will bring on new opportunities. Put all of that experience to good use by encouraging newbies in the biz to do the same.

Are you a class?

NO. Actors' Exchange is not a class and does not pretend to be. It is a group of people eager to network and learn new and exciting ways to improve their craft. 

My child is interested in acting, how will attending Actors' Exchange help?

Actors' Exchange is a fun environment to get exposure to the industry from the perspective of real life people who are going for it! Get some advice from other parents with children in the industry or from other actors to know where to start. It will also give your child the opportunity to see how everything works and just find out what people are doing right to be successful! It also saves you from paying hundreds of dollars on classes if they aren't sure this is what they want to do!

I am a filmmaker/director/writer, how would Actors' Exchange benefit me?

Think about all those times you've held auditions; you had to rent audition space, wait for hours while talent filed in and out... or didn't show up. Actors' Exchange brings all the actors in the area to YOU! If you have content that you want to hear read, if you would like to find a project to develop into a production or if you need to find talent for a next project then you will find a little bit of everything here.


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